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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety is one of the main causes of sickness absence in 2009 was a major topic of a Government white paper.
Dr borman who wrote the report highlighted certain therapies such as massage and healthy living were beneficial to workers and if they were encouraged to look after there workforce they would reduce Absenteeism saving money in productivity and not paying sickness absence.
Apart from the Stigma attached to poor mental health Men in-particular see it as a sign of weakness and only try access help when triggered by a certain event be it drug and alcohol dependency or self harming/ attempted suicide.

Helping You, Help yourself

Counselling and mental health support for depression

In addition to the preparation for mental health week one of the most commonly asked questions are what are the differences between mental health treatments.
Psychotherapy or counselling which treatments for me?

Counselling is a therapy which deals with the negative thought patterns about choices that a person has made to achieve a sense of balance, psychotherapy helps the person find out the reason why they make those choices. Counselling within its self has different sections of mental health treatments which can be tailored to a category of client such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or personal centred, though after many hours of delivering the right mental health treatment in a unsupervised practice a counsellor will have an integrative counselling skill base

If you are a male and feel you can handle your own thoughts and emaotions but need a free non drug based tool, try EFT.

Brain training for Depression

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