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Kim Kardashian use a form of HCG drug for slimming

Another celebrity  has started praising the effectiveness of HCG treatment, kim kardashian has recently took a slimming protocol to help her loose weight.
Slimming using HCG is a very effective way of loosing weight if you have a metabolic disorder.
The FDA recently released the use of HCG as a slimming treatment but the use of injectable and oral taking of HCG is still banned in th UK, the  MHRA and CQC allow its  use in fertility treatments.
The only way a patient can access a HCG Protocol is through a qualified Homeopath where they can be treated for a metabolic disorder. To access this slimming treatment with a therapist who has trained with Dr dr Belescusio in South America where she used injectable's, and now offers her Homeopathic slimming treatment.

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