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Massage Treatment at CTC

Sports massage at the Cenacle Treatment Centre

Sports massage is the greatest therapy to repair muscles after a hard training session range of movement could be impaired due to activities a patients body might have endured. Sports massage treatment will drain the toxins out of muscle pushing the muscle fibres the right way and thus increasing range of movement.

Relaxation massage & Reki

Fortunately our well trained therapist and Reki master Annette Wrigley can help with relaxation massage and give a sample treatment of Reki at the end of a a massage (if a patient would like to try that therapy out). This wonderful treatment that can relive symptoms of negative thoughts and stress giving patents a sense of balance.

What to expect from a Swedish Massage?

Your Massage will probably last around 30 or 60 minutes. You will be given time to undress privately and to lie down on the massage table, which will be padded for extra comfort, and where you will cover yourself with a towel. You don’t have to be completely exposed at any point. Your Therapist can uncover one little part of you at a time depending on the area she is focusing on. If you are worried or concerned about anything, don’t hesitate to express your concerns to the Therapist.

Your Therapist will usually assess your skin complexion at the start of your Treatment and choose essential oils and lotions to suit your skin type. These will be massaged into your body using a series of strokes and techniques classic to Swedish Massage. The treatment is very sensitive to pressure and takes into account the delicate or tender areas of your body, so it will be comfortable and soothing.

It would be normal to play music during massage as it can help you unwind and relax. Don’t be afraid to say if you would prefer not to have the music or indeed if there is any other aspect you are uncomfortable with during your treatment. Being content in your surroundings is important for relaxation and will help you to sink happily into your massage.

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