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More mental health funding promises Nick Clegg

NHS Mental health wards have been overstretched for many years especially after a cut in budgets through "austerity measures". With Unison members striking in 2007 Highlighting the dangerous way in which mental health workers have to operate due to underfunding in wards. Because of staff shortages mental health wards in Manchester had to shut down in 2007 sending patients home or to other private clinics ironically costing more money then actually maintaining staffing levels in mental health wards. Chief Medical officer Dame Sally Davies says mental illness cost £100bn last year yet 75% of people received no treatment

This approach by the Deputy Prime minister seems to be  a re hash of a Government white paper written in 2009 about stress and Anxiety effecting workforce. The Bormon report outlined the problems in public and private sector stating more funding to help workers help themselves would help keep workers not taking sickness absence leave and help to maintain staffing levels.

This week Unison are poised to take measures in striking once again since mental health wards in Manchester and throughout the UK are heavily underfunded and overstretched once again. The government have announced that £40 million are being given to mental health wards this year and a follow of £80 million by the end of 2015, but is this enough to to deal with a heavily undervalued worker force and a financially crippled mental health ward.

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