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World Mental Health Day

Each year around World Mental Health Day we try raise awareness about a particular aspect of mental health.
The next World Mental Health Day will take place on 10 October 2014.
Why not celebrate by having a cup of tea and a cake with friends, family or colleagues: It's a great way to help fight stigma and raise awareness!

Feeling anxious about stepping away.

"People don't take mental health days because of the anxiety it produces," she says. "They think they can't stay on top of things, that they'll miss out on things. I had an executive tell me, 'I don't want to take vacation because I'll come back and feel worse.'"

Thinking that you don't "need" any time off.

Say you set your own hours — like a freelance writer, independent consultant, or executive coach. That flexibility (and blurred boundaries) may make you feel like you don't need to take a break — until you're watching a film with your family and sending email the whole time. The organizational psychology literature calls the separating of work and non-work segmentation, and it's necessary for preventing burnout.

Keeping up with the perfectionism.

Greenberg can spot a perfectionist; she says she's a "recovering" one herself. If you won't step away from the desk because you think things aren't going to get done perfectly while you're gone — which will be the case — then you might a perfectionist, too. But let's recall sociologist Brené Brown's advice: People don't succeed because of their perfectionism, but despite it.

Worrying it'll set your career back.

"You might think that (taking a break) is a career derailer," Greenberg says, that there are people waiting in line behind you who won't take that Friday off. "What's a bigger career derailer?" she asks. "When you're no longer creative or innovative because you're so burned out."
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