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Prevention of Cardiovascular disease through exercise

There are more than 500,000 people aged 90 and over living in the UK.

Professor Peter Whincup  leads the British Regional Heart Study, an investigation of the causes and prevention of cardiovascular disease in older British men, based at University College London. He also works closely with Dr Juan-Pablo Casas, the director of the British Women’s Heart and Health Study, looking at the causes of cardiovascular disease risk in older British women. Both studies are funded by the BHF and most of the participants are aged between 70 and 95.

Professor Peter Whincup“The UK population is ageing and the burden of cardiovascular disease is much greater in older age, partly because key risk factors – obesity, diabetes and low rates of physical activity – are much greater in older age groups,” says Professor sourced from BHF foundation.

Need to lose weight Before you start exercising?

Some patient who are too obese to train but can not afford weight surgery can start a BSC weight reduction programme which will help patients dramatically lose weight before they
start an exercise regime.

is banned in the UK though the BSC slimming clinic has found a similar polypeptide that produces the same results safely in a supervised clinic. Although this treatment is for-nominal it will only  work if a patient carries the metabolic syndrome.

If a patient doesn't display these symptoms though has a weight management problem then HYPNO-BANDING achieves great results. Though both these therapies will reduce weight and will allow the weight loss patient a better chance of starting exercise without the strain on joints and lower back. Losing a stone or two before the exercise starts is a much smarter and safer root to achieve weight-loss without injury.

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