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Prescription Antibiotics for ear infections

Prescriptions of antibiotics for symptoms of the flue have risen 40% in the last century  a study states.
The University of London and Public Health England have collated a wide range of results involving 500 UK GP practices between 1999and 2011. Although government intervention
and public media campaigns outlining the dangers of taking antibiotics for ear infections increasing the strength of antibiotic resistant disease such as MRSA and C-difficile.

Combat C difficle and MRSA with Echinacea

Antibiotics kill disease in a pateints body unfortunatly meducine such as this will kill white blood cells aswel. Using herbal tonic such as Echinacea will boost white cell production in the body and increase a patients ability to fight of infection.

This time of year is perfect to increase white cell production in the body if exposed to people with coughs and colds in air-conditioned rooms with recirculated air common in plane and train journey's. If worried about catching a cold before going on holiday then this herbal tonic made by a highly qualified herbalist can prepare your body to fight infection.

Keep coming down with Flue symptoms ? Book an appointment with Herbalist Richard Linton

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