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Brain Cells & appetite

The feeling of the desire and yearn to eat is believed to be traced to the central hub of brain  according to Nature Neuroscience report and BBC health news.
The catalyst to this research is to find out what triggers appetite and how this effects the body giving researchers a better understanding of appetite so future therapies could be created for conditions such as obesity and anorexia.

How to change body image without running 7 minutes a day

Hypno banding and hypnotherapy for weight loss, reprogramming for results

The use of hypnosis and other reprogramming techniques you will be able to achieve those results you want to achieve in a safe easy way. The process is simple and easy to follow which will enable you to reprogram your mind for success by building up your self esteem, your positive self image and your self confidence so that you are able to accept that slimmer you.

It will incorporate into your life new patterns of behaviour in regard of how, when, where you eat and specific objectives necessary for you to achieve weight loss, maintain weight loss and incorporate those new habits to help you feel good about yourself and body. Some of those objectives included in the process will enable you to:- Increase the appeal of healthy foods. Making them more desirable and making fatty foods less desirable:- Give less importance to food as it relates to your feeling of well-being. Which will enable you to eat correct and reasonable amounts of food becoming satisfied:- Reflect on all the positive things in your life. Focusing on all the goals and successes you have already achieved.

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