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Metal Health First aid

A BBC report has highlighted an in house mental health service dedicated to workers in the corporate sector who may feel  the effects of job strain.
Charlotte Walker explains in the article how she endeavours to teach workers how to deal with the signs of stress and to spot stress in others.
Charrlotte explains in the article how certain statergies and coping mechanisms can off set feelings of negativity and anger.

MHFA offers training in mental health symptoms, diagnoses and services

Mental health first aiders are trained to deal with common problems like anxiety or depression, through to more urgent situations like psychosis (when somebody is no longer in touch with reality) or suicidal thoughts.

I taught a group recently in which an HR officer had signed up because of an incident at work. She'd been asked to speak to an employee who immediately burst into tears in front of her. She had wanted to help him, but was afraid of getting it wrong and making things worse.

In training sessions, participants often say they're concerned they may not be the right person for the task. My fellow trainer John and I are both mental health service users and know how important it is that mental health is dealt with sensitively, but we believe participants already have what it takes to perform this role.
One in four people experience a mental health problem, yet we are often afraid of discussing the topic. As Poppy Jarman, CEO of MHFA England, says, "The fear surrounding mental ill health and the misunderstanding around recovery is one of the biggest barriers for creating mentally fit workplaces.

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