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More surgical weight loss treatment for Type 2 diabetes

An expansion of weight loss surgery in England is being proposed to tackle an epidemic of type 2 diabetes. New draft guidelines from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) aim to reduce debilitating complications.

Diabetes UK estimates 850,000 people could be eligible for surgery, but NICE expects it to be tens of thousands. With £10,000 a surgical operation and a massive strain on NHS services this looks like a logistical nightmare when a controlled diet would stop type 2diabetes symptoms.

Other symptoms that change surgical intervention

Certain Medications such as anti depressants and mood stabilizers have side effects which increase peoples weight.

Why do I gain weight?

Why do I gain weight?People with the metabolic disorder that this treatment addresses, gain weight because the hypothalamus (a gland in the brain) wrongly believes that the person is under threat, and therefore lays fat down in a protected form as a survival mechanism.

This fat can only be then accessed when the person is either starving or pregnant, to feed the baby, and until the gland is corrected it will not be possible to lose this abnormal fat despite all normal dieting and exercise regimes.

The protocol that we use addresses both the releasing of the abnormal weight, and the re setting of the hypothalamus and therefore correcting the problem so that in the future any weight that has been gained can be easily removed in the normal way.

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