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Tax on Sugary Drinks

With a greater push than ever for a reduction in sugar, government officials are scrambling for a 20% sugar sweetened drink tax, but is taxing people the way to do it?
Figures from the British medical Journal suggest the 20% tax would hit the poorest hardest effecting 16-29year olds and reduce a  180,00 obese people in England.

Encouraging poorer families to choose a healthier choice can be hard since the healthier choice normally costs more, and low cost food which is normally processed food that is high in additives, hidden salts and sugars. To push a sugar tax on consumers seems fair if there is a balance and a government initiative to reduce the price on healthier foods and herbs especially in poorer areas.

There is a correlation between Heart and Bowel disease patients and poor diet, particularly people who do not eat fresh vegetables fruit and different diet. A lifetime of processed food and sugary drinks will increase the chances of developing heart disease or bowel cancer.

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