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Mental health services in "Crisis"

Mental health services and care are falling massively are in "crisis" and this problem isn't being taken seriously, prof Sue Bailey president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists told BBC new mental health services were "a car crash"

With an increase in people being admitted to hospitals in the 2010 for mental health related illness/ deaths this problem was recorded and highlighted , after a famous Bordmen report in late 2009. The report highlighted different approaches in dealing with mental health from change in diet and lifestyle to being supported by mental health professionals. The report didn't criticise the system just that there were other treatments available which didn't rely on repeat prescriptions of benzodiazepines like the rise in America costing $11billion a 2009-20010.

Following a year after this report National Statistics showed a sharp rise in suicide rate increasing by 437 since 2010. The highest suicide rate was among men aged between 30 and 44. About 23 men per 100,000 took their own lives.

If you would like to talk a mental health professional please ask Sam or Lynn a question.

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