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why do i gain weight?Keeping the weight off & Back pain

Weight loss Osteopathy & Massage, a great remedy for Back pain

Many clients that have lost a lot of weight find that they have back pain because they have a weak core but slow bouts of exercise and low impact training will be the first step to rid fat and ease back pain.
Keeping the weight off with pilates and core workouts are a great step in keeping your lower back strengthened.

What happens when I eat healthy and exercise but still increase weight?

If a dieter who is keeping to a regimented workout regime, with high protein low carbohydrate intake then this should suffice. When it is clear that this extreme behaviour is still not shifting unwanted fat from certain areas of the body, through the understanding and knowledge of a consulting health professional this dieter could have a metabolic syndrome/disorder.

If you think you may have a metabolic disorder please book a free appointment

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