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The cost of good health

The British Heart Foundation, which polled 2,444 adults, found 39% sacrificed health benefits for cost when doing their grocery shopping. One in four said they hadn't bought a single portion of fresh fruit or vegetables in the last week.
Two thirds said they wanted to eat more healthily, but nearly half of these said cost was a hindrance. The British Heart Foundation says people can still eat healthily on a small budget.

Why avoid processed meat.

When looking at budget food such as farm foods or Iceland its these types of convenient meals which contain high levels of salt and contain chemical that help stick the grounded cartalidge connective tissue and other parts of an animal. Hand burger patties contain this cheap meat that can only be turned into processed meat through macerating connective tissue and cartilage in to mince then adding chemicals so they stick together.
Certain food companies have had to change their labelling on packets claiming there hand burgers since they do not have enough in the patties to substantiate their claims.
This was highlighted in the Gaurdian last month when different species of animal DNA was found in UK meat suppliers.

How to stay nutritionally balanced with little cost.

Fruit and Veg can be pricey but some supper markets green grocers are very competitive so its good to shop around. Juicing is one of the best ways of taking in nutrients and roar consumption of these foods is the best way to take in beneficial nutrients.

For more information on Nutrients and Good cardiac and renal health ask richard a question.

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