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Hospital infection rates must come down, says watchdog

Doctors and nurses should do more to stop hospital patients developing infections, an NHS watchdog says.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has issued "quality standards" on measures including hand-washing and catheter insertion.

About 300,000 patients develop an infection in England each year while being treated by the NHS.

How to increase patients immunity to fight MSRA & C difficile

MRSA & Cdificille are hospital supper bugs and have been strengthened over the years by GP's and Dr's prescribing antibiotics for illnesses that do not need that level of medication. Children being prescribed antibiotics for ear infections is a good example of the wrong medication being given for an ailment that would subside in a few days without the use of antibiotics. (more on antibiotic resistant strains).

Eating Healthy and keeping an alkaline diet

Eating healthy and keeping an alkaline based diet will increase your ability to fight off infection it is believed to help arthritis and even cancer since these problem diseases thrive in acid based environments. Foods in your diet that increase acidity are meats, all processed foods, cheese, dairy etc.

Certain herbs such as Astragalus, thuja and echinacea increase the bodies immune system. Echinacea is known to increase white blood cell production allowing your body to fight off infection without the use of antibiotics. Being prescribed antibiotics repetitively to stop  constant chest and ear infections will ironically make the patient more ill since antibiotics kill off all infection and destroy gut flora which is known to strengthen bodies immunity.

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