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Heavy Metals & Detox kits

Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are absorbed into the body from sources like the environment, food, dental procedures and some pharmaceuticals.

These are in trace form, individual doses having little or no effect, however unlike other toxins the body does not excrete heavy metals as a matter of course, and so repeated exposure can cause an accumulation.

Many health issues are associated with heavy metal poisoning, the particular culprits being, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Aluminium and Copper. Testing usually covers arsenic as well although technically not a heavy metal.

Everything from fatigue to tremors and thyroid to digestive issues have been attributed to heavy metals, but large doses are unequivocally known to cause behavioural and mental issues and colic as well as problems with the nervous system, historically given terms like mad hatters and painters colic. It is not a big leap to understand that small accumulated doses could disrupt normal body functions in more subtle ways.
Testing and treatment for detox with Richard Linton Herbals

Richard Linton Herbals has devised a package of testing and treatment to simply and effectively test and eliminate heavy metals from the body.

Firstly a simple test using a saliva sample, with results returned in a week, can indicate what metals are being held in the body.

Secondly a simple kit with full instructions will take you through the detox program. Before this is undertaken it is important that all the body’s elimination channels are working efficiently so that the heavy metals aren’t simply moved around, but in fact got rid of once mobilised. Directions on this are given within the kit and also a practitioner can be contacted for advice.

  • Test for six heavy metals as listed above £10.00
  • Heavy metal removal kit: Chlorella caps, Removal tonic, liver support and alternative tonic, £27.50 (£6 saving over individual products)
  • Bowel Cleanse if required £7.50. These will be required if you don’t have a bowel movement daily.

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