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Stopping symptoms of Hayfever with no drowsiness

Find out how to stop it before starts

  • Start a month before
  • Takeaway Kits
  • Personalised kits
  • Testing for allergens
  • Full Consultations available.

Herbalism can help you and relieve any attacks, a twenty minute consultation to ascertain what symptoms you suffer from and to note any medication you may be on. You will be supplied with and instructed on how to use a selection f natural herbal remedies to:

  1. Boost your defences at the start of the season to reduce the susceptibility and frequency of attack
  2. If an attack occurs, give relief at the first signs, using a combination of an allergy relieving tonic, eye drops, an inhalation and snuff as appropriate to the individual case.
  3. Available for children and adults

Hayfever Treatments

Get ahead of your Hayever and start our treatment a month before the season.

  • Hayfever Kit including tonic, eye wash and nasal spray £16.50
  • Personalised kit with 20min consultation £30.00
  • Allergy Testing, consultation and personalised £40.00

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