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Harvard Medical schools myths,truths about poison ivy & the bit they left out

  • Myths about poison ivy and its kin can put you and others at risk.
  • Myth 1: The rash is contagious. Not true. It looks unpleasant, but it won't spread on yourself or to another person, even when you see oozing blisters.
  • Myth 2: If you have the rash once, you can't get it again. Not true. One exposure doesn't make you immune to it. In fact, if you get it once you'll likely get it again if you come in contact with the oil. "For some people, one exposure to a plant is all it takes to become allergic to it," says Dr. Kenneth Arndt, a clinical professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School.
  • Myth 3: You have to touch a poison ivy plant to be affected by it. Not necessarily true. Breathing in smoke given off by burning poison ivy can cause an allergic reaction in the lungs that may require immediate medical attention.

Herbalism & Homeopathic Knowledge of Poison Ivy for Muscle fatigue an tears

Yes it's true, not only will poison ivy works as an analgesic for muscle tears it also helps repair muscle fibres and when diluted its oil looses its irritable properties . When this herbal & homeopathic cream is applied through sports massage will mend the inflamed area. There are many other plants that have a negative reaction on the skin but have great medicinal properties for muscles and tendons, for example nettle has calming effect on inflamed ligaments.

Sourced from Harvard medical news

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