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Using hypnosis to reduce stress.

Using hypnosis reduces stress, boosts your immune system, enables you to build your confidence and self-esteem, release phobias and develop the positive mind state for success ... if you want to. Developing a positive outlook through the psychology of optimism is very different from seeing the world through unrealistic rose-tinted spectacles and pretending that your problems do not exist, or worse, running away from them in denial.

On the contrary, you will have a clear aim and develop the positive motivation to pursue it with tenacity. You will be able to encourage yourself to work on achieving your aim, despite any obstacles that might be in your way, with optimistic, realistic thinking. You will enjoy increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

You will learn practical life skills that will enable you to think (and feel it) 'I can', rather than 'I should' or 'I have to'. You will be able to tap into your inner resources, such as strength, resilience, courage, hope, and develop a radical sense of responsibility to face all the inevitable life difficulties.

How can this be possible?

  • Remember all those times when you really wanted to overcome a problem but, at the same time, you also thought (and felt) that you wouldn't be able to do it? '
  • What if I can't handle it?' 'What if I fail?' 'What if it doesn't work?' Your inner dialogue (the way you talk to yourself) was full of such self-defeating, energy depleting and anxiety producing 'What ifs'.
  • In other words, what you wanted to do was in conflict with what you thought would be happening. You wanted a positive result, but, at the same time, you were imagining (and worrying about) a negative outcome.
  • I am sure that you like me have experienced that when your will power conflicts with your imagination; your imagination usually wins out.

The psychology of optimism is designed to help you end that inner conflict and use your cognitive skills more constructively so that you can influence your feelings, your behaviour and your performance in positive ways.

It will also enable you to gently uncover any unhelpful beliefs and attitudes, which in turn generate automatic uncomfortable and undesirable behaviour, and change them to more positive and constructive ones. The methods employed are easy to learn and very effective at reducing both physical and mental tension and anxiety, as they help you boost your self-confidence. You will be able to do things you were unable to do before or to stop doing those things you do not want to do anymore.

Hypnosis - simple facts behind the myth

  • Have you ever wondered how hypnosis could help you? What would it feel like, what would you hear, what would you see? And indeed how could you benefit from hypnosis?
  • Remember the last time you stared out of the window with that far-away look in your eyes? You were absorbed in a particular thought or idea and for a few moments you were not quite there.
  • And yet you were perfectly aware where you were and that you were doing it, and if anything needed your attention you immediately snapped out of that dreamy mode.
  • In hypnosis your mind is gently focused on one particular thing while your body is deeply relaxed. You are turning inwards. Even though you may be staring at something in your environment, you don't really see it - you are immersed in your inner thoughts.
  • The imaginative and feeling part of your mind is now more active than the critical part. You are in a deeply relaxed state where your mind readily accepts positive encouragement for your well being and self-improvement.

Douglas Craddock: Hypnotherapy Services

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