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What is Baby Massage

Baby massage is reported to have been practised in many cultures for over 3000 years and has become increasingly popular due to the benefits for parents, carers and their baby. Baby massage is endorsed by many medical professionals due to their recognition that baby massage has lasting, positive effects for babies and parents who practice baby massage regularly as part of their routine. Our baby massage instructor is fully certified by the only training provider to have their training accredited by the Royal College of Midwives which emphasizes the value of baby massage from the medical profession.

Baby Massage increases infants ability to communicate

A significant part of baby massage is communication and although it may seem a long way off before your baby is talking, they are already learning to communicate long before the talking stage. Throughout the course parents will learn more about newborn reflexes, behavioural states, engagement and disengagement cues to help identify and respond to these early forms of communication.

As baby massage helps parents become more attuned to their baby, this can have a substantial positive impact on the bonding and attachment relationship between parent and child. Some parents feel an immediate bond following the birth of their baby and baby massage is an effective way to continue developing this unique and loving bond. However many parents find it takes time to get to know their baby and baby massage provides a safe, secure environment in which to spend quality time together.

Research highlights the importance of loving, nurturing touch and how this supports babies social and emotional development as they grow. Being cuddled, held closely and comforted provokes chemical reactions in the body and the release of hormones such as oxytocin which promote a sense of happiness, wellbeing and is also attributed to reducing feelings of pain which can help with childhood ailments such as teething. Baby massage is a wonderful extension to the ways parents can engage with their baby and gain a deeper understanding for the value of loving, nurturing touch.

During the five week course, the instructor will demonstrate a series of massage strokes and routines. Week by week parents learn strokes for different parts of the body and learn how to practice these on their own baby. Our courses are informal and relaxed, babies are always at the centre of what we do so if they need feeding, changing or not worry!! We always encourage parents to feel relaxed and continue with their normal routine. By week five parents will have all of the information needed to complete a full body massage and will benefit from the lasting results of having attended the course.

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