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Detox for the body & mind

Detox For the Body

Try our range of Detox kits & colonic hydrotherapy treatment helping flush kidneys and liver after a demanding December.
Detox massage, with the use of essential oil including toxin eliminating juniper and the use of certain massage techniques such as lymphatic drainage.

Detox For the Mind

What detoxing the mind can do for you

Detoxing the mind is a way of removing the compulsive thoughts, fears, worries and hates from our minds and has deep and general benefits that underpin particular symptoms.

You can look at your mind as a storage system such as a hard drive on a computer or a filing cabinet storing all those outdated files, so following a mind detox programme you can clean out your inner storehouse of outdated memories and negative files. And as you start to clear them out you will find that your thoughts become more positive, clearer, more focused. You become more confident and an increased feeling of wellbeing takes over helping you to become the person you want to be.

Therapy Pricing

  • Detox Massage £27 for 30 mins or £37 for 60 mins
  • Detox Kit ranging from £12+
  • Detox Colonic Hydrotherapy only £55
  • Mind detox £60

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