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Brain releases powerful opiate painkiller with electric stimulation

Research suggests that using electric pulses in to certain parts of the brain of a person suffering from migraines can relieve pain. It is believed that the brain releases an opiate like substance that's considered one of the body's most efficient pain killers.

The findings expand on previous work done at the University of Michigan, Harvard University and the City University of New York where researchers delivered electricity through sensors on the skulls of chronic migraine patients, and found a decrease in the intensity and pain of their headache attacks. However, the researchers then couldn't completely explain how or why.

This treatment reflex's how certain complementary medicine can relieve patients from a list of physical and emotional problems though proving it the conventional way is difficult. Within EFT & TAT  tapping on certain parts of the brain can stimulate positive emotional responses and relive tension headaches even migraines. Pain management is an affective therapy in controlling pain through the use of suggestion hypnosis can empower patients to regulate the intensity of pain and find a positive and effective balance without the use of harmful and addictive medication.

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