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Eating Fewer, Larger Meals May Prove Healthier For Obese Women

A report of a study conducted in america stating that obese women would benefit from eating fewer larger meals a day to tackle their metabolism. Its research states that eating smaller servings  frequently may not help in weight management for obese women.

Heden and other MU researchers studied how meal frequency affected blood-sugar and blood-fat levels in eight obese women throughout two 12-hour periods on two separate days. All of the women consumed 1,500 calories. During the two different testing days, the participants consumed three 500-calorie liquid meals or six 250-calorie liquid meals.

Throughout the 12-hour time frames, researchers tested sugar and fat levels in the women's blood every 30 minutes. Women who consumed three meals had significantly lower fat in their blood.

Weight loss Variables not mentioned in this research

Underlining conditions

  • Stress Stress can lead to poor eating habits and put the brain into survival mode so strong fat for a perceived “emergency”.
  • Sports Injuries/Sudden cessation of training due to injury can cause a sudden imbalance in the calories taken and used causing weight issues ever after training resumes.
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs-Certain pharmaceutical drugs including migraine medication can lead to weight gain as a side effect.
  • Overeating in Pregnancy-This can overwhelm the endocrine system to prevent return of weight post pregnancy.
  • Hysterectomy-A total hysterectomy can trigger somebody, with a predisposition, into a metabolic disorder.
  • Under Active Thyroid Gland-An under active thyroid can lead to an increased weight gain and upset the whole endocrine system even after conventional treatment.

sourced from medical news

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