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Copper stopping the spread of hospital infection

The use of copper within hospital wards can stop the spread of infection throughout the hospital. There has been many years of research that has gone into the prevention of hospital tracked infections such as MRSA & C-difficile.

A new study in America into the spread of hospital infections has led to a discovery of a surface-coating of metalloacids kills off microbial strains, even in multidrug-resistant micro organisms.
Hospital infections are a major public health concern, causing an estimated 99,000 deaths a year in the USA alone. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces greatly helps reduce these infections. In addition, previous studies have indicated that metalloacids could limit the ability of micro organisms to survive by producing oxonium ions (H3O+), which creates an acidic pH.

Infection control

With the increase of drug resistant bacteria and the limit in the strength of anti biotics that will kill these super bugs, development in other areas of research have found a possible solution to the rise in hospital transmitted infections. Ozonated water and air purification systems are one of the methods, since no bad bacteria can survive within an o3 state.

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