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Increase in waiting times for mental health patients a concern

A study of over 1000 patients in Wales seeking metal health support/ treatment has been labelled a "concern" by head of Gofal director Ewan Hilton. The study which was headed by the mental health charity found that:

  • One in four people waiting longer than three months to access other support services
  • Nearly half said their treatment only partly addressed their problems or did not help at all
  • Three in 10 did not see their condition improve as a result of treatment at all.
  • Most people (62.8%) were prescribed prescriptive medication or given advice and information (34.8%)
  • 62% of people waited more than a month to get comprehensive mental health assessment with their GP and 37% waited longer than three months

Gofal also highlighted its concerns in the amount of anti depressants prescribed by GPs and the length of time it took to see a mental health professional. Considering a great impact can be made through intervention if patients are seen in the first 4 weeks of the reported mental health problem.

sourced form bbc news


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