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Gastric bypass patients need ongoing nutritional support to stop plateauing

Gastric bypass patients who attended five follow-up office visits in two years as recommended by their surgeons lost nearly twice as much weight (113 lbs. vs. 57 lbs.) as patients who attended only two follow-up visits, according to a University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing study in Obesity Surgery.
In this study, gastric bypass patients who attended the recommended five follow-up visits with a healthcare provider lost an average of 113 pounds by two years after the surgery. Patients who kept only two follow-up visits lost an average of 57 pounds by the two-year mark.

Looking at the statistics and evidence provided in this report patients can still plateau even with a gastric band, and the evidence of this is that the patient has to go back to the health care professional and be provided nutritional information for their weight loss to continue.

Eating diets of blended food for two weeks before gastric band is fitted

At a surgical weight loss centre in the UK they state that they try to educate their patients as much as possible about how to eat healthy and encourage their patients to eat nutrient-dense food and avoid unhealthy food. They also mention that they warn patients about feeling stressed and to avoid unhealthy comfort foods. weight loss surgery blog states

Just because someone has had a stomach surgery does not mean that they won't crave unhealthy items, such as pastries or ice cream. Gastric band patients must realize the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

The BSC slimming clinic has seen a number of patients who have had gastric band treatments and have had the fluid out of their band removed because of the discomfort even before eating. Though emotional hunger or addiction/cravings are tackled at the beginning of our weight loss protocol through using a hypnotherapist nutritionist and EFT practitioner to deal with the emotional reasoning why patients want to comfort eat.

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