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Heart disease affecting poorer older people

The British Heart Foundation reports that there is a new map showing death rates from heart and circulatory disease among older people and it has highlighted a growing gap between our richest and poorest communities. The BHF highlights a statement from the government stating it has to eradicating the rich and poorer divide in health care and education for deprived communities.

Knowing what's in our food and water would be a first step to understanding why obesity diabetes and heart disease is steadily climbing in this country. The government could stop the use of Neuro toxins such MSG ( a know food enhancer) which effects the brain allowing you to eat more than you should be able to. These types of chemicals are present in foods sold in supermarkets such as farm foods, ice land and  Sainsubury's. These chemical food enhancers are present in nearly all fast foods and they do not have to state what chemicals are in the food. A starting stance for this action could of started at the Olympic games though money set precedent over health of the UK and still does.

Prescription drugs, reactions & Statins

BHF supports the use of statins though this report states that health of people over the age of 65 declines in poorer areas. This could be that people in richer areas do not choose to take Statins to cut cholesterol and find an alternative root which is to change their diet which is affective. Older people in poorer areas may have to take stains and over long periods of use they are known to cause cardiac muscle wastage, liver sclerosis & have a detrimental effect on the renal system, though millions are prescribed each year.

Researchers from Imperial College London estimated mortality rates for heart and circulatory disease in each electoral ward in England between 1982 and 2006. They found cardiovascular disease mortality rates declined in most places but for people aged 65 or over the decline was smaller in the most deprived communities, widening the gap between the rich and poor.

written by Lewis Blackwell

sourced from BHF

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