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Stress awareness week highlights A&E hospital workers  dealing with job strain

BBC report highlight stress of A&E UHW staff after 83 %  said they needed more support to deal with work related stress and anxiety. The report states that its a similar treatment program they developed for royal marines who  regularly deal with stress full circumstances. Though reading more into this report the program seems just to highlight the stress of you're colleagues around you, and it does not change the  way we treat stress and anxiety.

Techniques developed by the Royal Marines on how to deal with stress are being used by hospital staff working in an accident and emergency (A&E) unit.

With a rise in PTSD syndrome this method seems to be flawed before its used and people that are stressed and working in A&E wards might not want to take on more stress listening & dealing with their co workers problems.

With a rise in nurses and doctors taking anti depressants and a constant rise in sickness absence this process is still not being dealt with affectively. In short more money needs to invested not just into counselling but also in hypnotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy & EFT ( developed in america & used with soldiers who suffer from PTSD). These therapies are not drug based & have no side effects, EFT & hypnotherapy deal with trauma and negative thought patterns almost immediately which is a great relief to any worker especially someone working within a fast paced highly stressful environment.

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