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Suicide rate climbing in Belfast

Suicide rates in Belfast are on the rise in October alone their were seven suicides within the last month. DUP MP is to raise a parliamentary question in the House of Commons to call for a greater effort to tackle suicide, including the banning of websites promoting/aiding in suicide.

The Survivors of Suicide Support Group said the stigma surrounding the issue meant it was being under-reported. Although this site explains the reasons for people wanting to take their own life there seems little in the prevention offering empathy and the view to change perception. Complementary treatment such as EFT, Homeopathy, hypnotherapy & acupuncture are far more effective than anti depressants or mood enhancers which can cause suicidal thoughts over long periods of use.

Changing perception and clearing unwanted negative thought patterns through hypnosis

Hypnotherapy & EFT are one of the leading complementary therapies for tackling depression and negative thoughts. Certain techniques can also be achieved through the beginning stages of NLP which can lead into hypnosis.

sourced from BBC Northern Ireland

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