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Slimming treatment before IVF

D, has opted for IVF due to her poor ovulation. She loves food, her weight problem, according to her consultant, is the main reason for her poor ovulation. Her first IVF trial ended sadly with an early miscarriage. She is having a frozen cycle with blastocyst embryos in about two months. Her consultant has advised her to reduce weight for a better chance (implantation, survival and maintaining of pregnancy), possibly 3 stones. During the past 10 months, she has managed to reduce 2 stones through dieting and exercising.

There are two goals that I would like to achieve through acupuncture. One is to prepare and assist IVF. The other is to help her reduce more weight. Therefore, apart from normal acupuncture treatment for IVF (of course, there is no need for stimulation once IVF starts), I have used auricular acupuncture for weight and appetite control. She reported on her second visit that she had lost 2 pounds during the week and she hadn’t felt as hungry as before. Then she lost 2 pounds respectively in the next weeks. Despite that she gained one pound in week 4, she lost another 2.5 pound the week after. She is happy that she has felt less hungry and still she hasn’t lost her appetite.

Lose weight before IVF

“Does acupuncture really work for weight problem?” this is a very common question in practice. Yes and no. Yes, acupuncture works for weight problems. We’ve seen many cases in practice. However, to what extent a person loses weight varies from person to person. Once I had a client who lost one stone in a week. No, acupuncture can’t sort all weight problems out. Acupuncture can give an extra push, but no one should expect to have his weight problems sorted by someone else, he needs to be cooperative.

How to lose weight & balance a metabolic disorder

Why do I gain weight?

People with the metabolic disorder that this treatment addresses, gain weight because the hypothalamus (a gland in the brain) wrongly believes that the person is under threat, and therefore lays fat down in a protected form as a survival mechanism.
This fat can only be then accessed when the person is either starving or pregnant, to feed the baby, and until the gland is corrected it will not be possible to lose this abnormal fat despite all normal dieting and exercise regimes.
The protocol that we use addresses both the releasing of the abnormal weight, and the re setting of the hypothalamus and therefore correcting the problem so that in the future any weight that has been gained can be easily removed in the normal way.

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