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Why Diets Alone Don't Work

As you start to read this article, you will find yourself finally understanding the real reason that those numerous diets that you have tried have ended in frustration and failure. And more importantly, you will feel relieved to know that it has not been your fault!

Yes, by the time you have finished reading you will feel excited that reaching your goal weight is not only possible, but much easier and far less painful, once you have the right tools.

So, think back to a time when you decided to lose weight. Initially, you felt good about the decision that you made. You felt determined and motivated. Maybe you threw out all the 'bad' foods, bought a fridge full of your five-a-day, purchased a juicer, enrolled at a slimming club and invested in a years' membership to your local gym.

The initial flush of all this positive action felt good and you were raring to go.

But then, you started to begin to feel conflict - your good intentions to go to the gym fizzle out, "I'm too tired tonight, I'll go tomorrow", the chocolate that you have banned from your life begins to call to you and the five-a-day in the fridge no longer look appealing to you. "Just one piece of cake can't hurt.....and I deserve it after the day I've had!"

But how can that be? You've got the diet sheets, you've got the healthy recipes, you've got the exercise plan, you've got it all out in front of you, all the 'hows' are answered. You know what to do, so what went wrong?

The fact is, that changing your eating habits has more to do with your mindset and your emotions than it has to do with having the information and the how-tos.  Researchers estimate that 95% of diets fail because diets don't address the root causes of why you overeat.

Think about it, eating sweets, cakes, biscuits, carbohydrates, creamy dairy foods and bread creates a feeling. A feeling of comfort, a feeling of satisfaction (at least in the short term). We even called them, "comfort food."

So why are some foods soothing and what are we comforting ourselves from?

Consider this. We are hard-wired to seek out food. Our survival depends on it.

Why Diets Alone Don't Work

This has been our internal programming for thousands of years. In cave-man days, feeling full and satisfied signalled that we would survive, even if there was to be no more food for a few days.

Not having enough food, even thinking about not having enough food, activates our internal alarm system. It tells our bodies that we are in immediate danger and we must eat. This signal is activated even though we are not in fact starving, because it is in our biological blueprint. No matter who you are, your primordial physiology interprets food with the feeling of, "I'm safe."

Research has shown that carbohydrates and sugary food give us an immediate 'sugar rush' and that this makes our bodies think that we have been miraculously rescued from starvation, causing us to feel safe and comforted.

Unfortunately, this 'rush' doesn't last long and our blood sugar plummets to lower than it was before. This leads to a cycle of craving - "Once I start I just can't stop!", "The more I eat the more I want!" Does that sound familiar to you?

And The Key Factor To Overeating Is.............?

Scientists have now identified that the key factors in overeating are to:

  • suppress unpleasant feelings,
  • reduce stress
  • change our mood.

We use food to deal with unpleasant feelings such as:

  • stress
  • persistent worry
  • anger
  • sadness
  • loneliness
  • guilt
  • shame
  • anxiety

Sweet and fattening foods (if you can get to them quickly enough) can numb you from your unpleasant stresses so effectively that you may not even realise that you had the feelings in the first place.

Rationing our food intake, changing the types of food you eat and scheduling your food consumption just doesn't address the root cause. It doesn't eliminate any stress or cravings  - in fact it exacerbates it.

Does this sound familiar?

When you diet:

  • You feel deprived
  • You want to rebel
  • You sabotage your progress
  • You crave those forbidden foods more and more
  • The voice in your head tells you you'll fail anyway, why bother?
  • Your feelings of stress/anger/sadness etc increase

What if there was a way to resolve these feelings? What if you can be free from these pattern safely and naturally? What if losing weight can be easier than it's ever been?

The good news is that using when EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping as it is sometimes know) there has never been a better time to decide to lose weight.

EFT is amazingly helpful in controlling both the emotional triggers of overeating and the the body and its unhelpful reactions. Fortunately, EFT is easy to learn and and can be applied immediately to eliminate cravings, negative emotions and quell any feelings of deprivation that dieting may bring.

Now, imagine yourself at your goal weight, having blasted through any barriers that have previously tripped you up. Imagine not only reaching your goal weight but actually maintaining it. What if that was a goal you could finally reach this year?

I wish this for you and am committed to showing you exactly how you can make this a reality.

Contact me with any questions that you have and I will be happy to help.

Wishing you every success,

Amanda Kinané
EFT Practitioner and Founder of the Stress To Success Clinic

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