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Mental health & substance misuse affects everyone, even professional athletes.

Rick Hatton bravely announced on radio 5 live after losing his last professional fight to Manny Pacquiao his negative thought patterns drove him to substance misuse & addictive tendencies. He stated that he was at the depths of depression and contemplated suicide, though he thanks his family for getting him back on track.

Though listening to his statements he still could be helped and supported with EFT, hypnosis and homeopathy to tackle his negativity. Statements such as:

'I feel sad because I feel ashamed of myself,' he said. 'I feel a failure and it doesn't matter how many people say, "Don't be too hard on yourself", that's how I feel and that's how I'm coming back. I feel I've got to redeem myself.

This sense of self worth is what many people deal with everyday, be it in a corporate office setting or a boxing ring and it is only through therapy that workers/athletes realise that negativity and destructive thought patterns are the catalyst to substance misuse, self harm etc and positivity self worth and acceptance is the way forward.

Sourced from radio 5 live

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