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Acupuncture relieving adverse drug reactions such as Xerostomia

A study has been published in the treatment of chronic Xerostomia, a condition mainly brought on by adverse drug reactions from cancer drugs to antidepressants. Though these symptoms have been stopped with the use of acupuncture. Chronic Xerostomia or dry mouth is known to effect a number of patients though with the use of acupuncture Dr Richard Simcock, consultant clinical oncologist at the Sussex Cancer Centre and one of the authors of the study, said: "Time had an important effect on key symptoms, with patients receiving acupuncture showing a quick response, which was sustained over several weeks."

Dr Simcock stated there was also some variables to these tests, but with cancer patients being given a better quality of life after radiotherpay & chemo treatment i believe this is a step forward.
Dr Simcock also stated.

"The profound impact that xerostomia exerts on functions such as eating, talking and sleeping, which were relieved by the acupuncture means that if it is entirely a placebo effect than this is a pretty powerful placebo. In addition, the results showed that patients were less likely to wake at night to sip water after treatment - this effect seems difficult to ascribe solely to placebo."

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