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Gp's unaware the reasons for young people who self harm

Gp's, teachers and parents of young people were asked a series of questions by a leading mental health charity "YoungMinds". The questions revolved around the stigma attached to mental health and their understanding of issues such as self harm.

Research stated that around  half of the 200 Dr's questioned did not understand the reasons why young people self harm and that 80% of Dr's felt untrained in dealing with this rising problem of self harming.

With a waiting list of around 6 months upwards it seems very hard for young people to contact a mental health professional before losing the will to do so. More money needs to be invested in paying professionals to listen to young peoples emotional problems without offering drugs which suppress their feelings without the catalysts to these feelings being addressed.
Billions ( £11 billion each year) of pounds are waisted each year in emotional suppressing drugs such as prozac with the only ones benefiting are the people who make the drugs. Gp's and our health service are just prescribing drugs where they should be prescribing knowledge support & understanding.

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