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Tobacco lawyers Lawyers Target food Industry

The same legal team that won a very public court case against tobacco companies are now turning their heads to the amount of hidden sugars in food & drinks.  Head of the legal team Mr Barret believes he is fighting for people's freedom to make a choice in what they consume. What has fuelled Mr Barrets passion to press legal action is the amount of obese  young adults in the USA. He also states that mothers of diabetic's or obese children rely on food labelling to help them make the CHOICE in what they consume.

Barret pushing a legal action against "Chobani" a natural yoghurt company that has added Cane juice to its product which gives the impression that it is a natural healthy product though really it is filled with cane sugar.

Diabetic mothers cheated within food labelling due to hidden sugars being added to food.

Evaporated cane juice, if you live in southern Louisiana or in Cuba, you understand what that is, that's sugar... The laws have been there for ever. And they're very clear. You cannot call product by a euphemism."

If Mr Barrett succeeds in his cases, the industry could face substantial costs. He as filed a lawsuit against a crisp company over the amount of hidden saturated fats in their products if he wins this law suit could cost the company £8 billions.

Sourced from bbc health news

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