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Snake venom better painkiller them morphine

Scientists have found that snake venom from the Black mamba snake is more powerful then then opiate based medicine (morphine) for pain relief. Scientist have admitted that they are completely baffled on how the snake produces this natural painkilling proteins ( called mambalgins).

Dr Nicholas Casewell, an expert in snake venom at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, has recently highlighted the potential of venom as a drug source. Commenting on this study he said: "It's very exciting, it's a really great example of drugs from venom, we're talking about an entirely new class of analgesics."

Snake venom in homeopathy

Snake Venom is neurotoxic and Haemotoxic this in Homeopathic terms means its use could be effective when treating haemorrages,coagulation defects and paralysis.

Bothrops lanceolatus or the yellow viper is one of the foremost remedies in Homeopathy for any sort of thrombo-embolic phenomenon in the brain, characterised by right sided paralysis and complete aphasia (inability to speak). It can also be thought of in treating a deep vein thrombosis.
(FJ Masters MD)

Lachesis – Trigonocephalus lachesis of Bushmaster, Surukuku snake.

The symptoms of this remedy were originally obtained by Constantine Herring a Homeopath who travelled to the Amazone in 1827 to collect plant and animal specimens for the German government.

As a remedy in Homeopathy it has found popularity in treatments of leftsideed sore throats. A sensation of lumps in the throat or abdomen. (STreacher)

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