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Fail in communication between Dr's & parents over adverse drug reactions

Drug reactions from medicine in children which parents are unsure have been tested properly, has been brought to researchers attention.  Researchers from the University of Liverpool asked 44 parents about the communication between doctors & themselves regarding the complications in medicine which was being administered to their seriously ill children.  Some of this medication might not be on the market years to come but their child's drug reactions may possibly be. This study published in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Bridget Young from the University of Liverpool, UK and colleagues.

Currently few guidelines about communication between parent & Dr in prescribing drugs that have known side effects?

According to the authors, there are currently few guidelines to help Dr's communicate with families about side effects of drugs prescribed to children, which is likely to create confusion for parents of sick children who suffer adverse drug reactions.

But surely conscious must dictate that any parent should be respected and given all the information and if this "upsets them" then a counselling support service should be put in place for shock. Within this report they state that the type of drugs that are being used are chemotherapy drugs which are similar drugs used in the 1970, perhaps we should look at other ways to treat cancer rather than using radioactive or highly toxic drugs. Maybe electronic medicine such as protein beams ( only used in america due to British funding) or magnetic therapy, colloidal silver these are a few treatment used in other countries unaffected by pharmaceutical companies.

Considering CUBA a country that has not given in to Pharmaceutical companies is one of the leading countries in cancer care, parents need to look at other options in the treatment of serious illnesses and drug reactions within the care of seriously ill children.

Written by Lewis Blackwell

Sourced from Medical news

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