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European suicide rate climbing due to economic crises

Suicides rates of private business owners have soured in Italy in the last year due to economic crises. A recent tax hall has not helped due to a new initiative by their recently elected Government which has scrutinised many private business accounts and been unforgiving with their findings. Since tax avoidance for many years in Italy was not frowned upon and businesses were allowed to pay only a small amount, this recent step up has found very proud men of firms taking their lives.

Complimentary therapies can help where prescription drugs have failed

Within Europe it seems to be a little more open to complimentary therapies rather then the UK , and these therapies  would work perfectly for business people who are trapped in negative thought patterns and outdated belief structures.

Hypnosis or EFT could be used to increase positivity and to break the connection of negative thought patterns, by changing that depressed business persons outlook or perception. Other therapies that can benefit a depressant or someone with suicidal thought patterns are Homeopathy Integrative counselling acupuncture & certain herbs such as St Johns wart ( under the supervision of a medical herbalist) and or more effective than antidepressants which induce panic attacks after long periods of use.

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Unwanted negative thought patterns & outdated believe systems.

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