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Homeopathy for migraines

A 50 yr old lady came to see me for help with her chronic migraines. She had been suffering with the complaint over a period of 20-30 years.
I began by taking a full case history from when the migraines first began to date. The patient related a concentrated period of financial and relationship stress, a consequent separation with her husband, the development of cancer, bereavement with the loss of her mother, whilst trying to piece her life back together she found the migraines had become debilitating.

What was particular about the migraines was that they would wake her out of her sleep. It was the doctor that felt they were related to stress and this is why she felt homeopathy would be an option since it would address not only the physical complaint but also the response to the stress. The patient had become tired of depending on pain killers which were affecting her stomach and bowels.

After three weeks of a combination remedy matching all the symptoms expressed by the patient taken twice daily the patient no longer experiences migraines any more. On follow up six months later this is still the case. The patient was astounded that after 30 years of pain killers she no longer has to depend on them anymore.

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