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Harvard medical school against extreme weight loss from HCG protocol but pro extreme weight loss through Gastric bypass surgery.

Below is a report from Harvard medical school stating the benefits of Gastric band surgery which has the same outcome as HCG protocol, though the HCG protocol doesn't involve a invasive surgical procedure. It also doesnt explain that if you have a metabolic syndrome then your body will still lay down adipose tissue within certain areas despite having a band or balloon implanted in to your stomach.

Harvard medical hail this surgey as a life changing procedure, although its success rate is much lower than HCG, with less understanding on the bodys response to this over a period of thirty years since the procedure is still new compared to the 50 years of study behind the HCG slimming protocol.

For people who are obese, the operation known as gastric bypass surgery has been hailed as something of a miracle. In addition to rapid weight loss, it can reverse diabetes and reduce the risk of heart disease. A new study reveals potential darker side—an increase in alcohol abuse.

In a presentation at yesterday’s annual meeting of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, researchers reported that almost 11% of nearly 2,000 men and women who underwent gastric bypass surgery (the most common type of obesity surgery) got in trouble with drinking by the second year after surgery. About 7% drank too much before the operation, representing a 50% increase. The results were simultaneously released online by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

sourced through medical news

written by Lewis Blackwell

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