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HCG Weight loss protocol for people suffering with metabolic syndrome

In 1954, British physician A.T.W. Simeons theorized that HCG is what allows mothers-to-be to access fat reserves to feed their fetuses. He published a book, Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, in which he suggested that HCG could help people access their fat reserves and achieve weight loss.

Rapid weight loss. Some people who have followed the hCG diet find that it results in rapid weight loss with minimal hunger.

Empty vessels

Nutritionists and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians warn against the diet because of:

Expensive injections. The daily injections or hCG pills, Gans says, could get quite costly. Most people buy the hormone pills on the Internet or go to clinics that advertise hCG injections. Likely weight regain. People are likely to put back on the weight as soon as they go off the diet, Gans says. In fact, they may continue to eat less and still gain weight because their body, deprived of nutrients, can go into starvation mode and burn fewer calories to survive.

It does not astonish me that business such as private Bariatric Physicians are against the HCG slimming protocol since they are set too lose a lot of money. There only sizable argument is that the protocol is expensive ( £895) for a 8 week course, but compared to bariatric surgery ( £7000+) its a drop in the ocean.

Also we have had a number of clients who have had gastric banding and because of the discomfort they have had to have the fluid removed from their bands. This is something that is never highlighted in any information, that if you eat too much you feel like your insides will explode.

Many Type 2 diabetes patients who may have metabolic disorders are prevented from being offered weight loss surgery because they have not reached the standard obese size to be allocated bariatric surgery on the NHS and these lists are increasing. If HCG were available on the NHS it could help a mass epidemic of diabetes sufferers who are waiting for bariatric surgery & cost the NHS £2,000,000 every five minutes.

written by Lewis Blackwell

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