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Extreme diet allowed in UK but HCG injectable's are still banned?

This could be the most shocking, controversial diet ever to reach Britain.
It is a regime so extreme, so drastic, it makes LighterLife’s shakes-only system look like a daily five-course banquet. The KEN, or Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet, involves eating absolutely nothing at all.

Instead, for ten days at a time, a patented liquid formula made up of protein and nutrients is dripped directly into the stomach via a plastic tube that goes up the patient’s nose and is taped on to their face. At the other end of the tube is an electric pump, which works day and night to deliver two litres of the formula over 24 hours.

It seem ludicrous that such an extreme procedure is allowed on the market in the UK but safe treatments involving HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) for people who have a metabolic disorder are banned. There is no correlation to the fact that very expensive fertility treatments use HCG to help women conceive though this expensive hormone that is produced in everyone’s bodies is baned in this county due to the MHRA for reasons not given.

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