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Government pledge for CBT therapy

Government pledge to invest £22 million into child mental health support, which is an additional investment of £32m for therapies set out in the Mental Health Strategy. This is after research gathered by data suggested that one in 10 children aged five to 16 have mental health problems

Ministers say the money will be spent over three years to expand services for this vulnerable group which, until now, has often "suffered in silence". At any one time, more than a million children will have a diagnosable mental health disorder, and mental illness in childhood and adolescence costs up to £59,000 per child every year.

One in two adults with mental health problems first experienced symptoms by the age of 14, and three-quarters before their mid-20s.

Funding should go directly to the Child & family's, not on expensive courses for staff already trained.

Unfortunately it looks like this money will be squandered on condisending training programs for nurses, teachers & social workers ( many of whom have their own children), instead of the funding going directly on the childs health and wellbeing (which is the whole point). I believe this training should go to the social worker support and to the family that is raising the child, outlining such things as nutrition, exercise, CBT and most importantly care and attention.

The ailments outlined in the program ailments such as Hyperactivty ADHD a disorder linked with E numbers bad diet and catalysed by drugs such as ritalin. The only three other ailments link back to care and attention which is the duty of the parent, when this is outlined and highlighted by the the social worker then great treatments such as CBT can make a difference.

Home is where the heart is

"Mental health must have the same priority as physical health. Giving children the treatment they need as soon as they need it will help ensure that millions of children suffering from a mental health problem will have a fairer opportunity to succeed in life." Nick Clegg

This is a great statement by Nick Clegg but it is the over seeing of this funding, we can give teachers, hospital staff and social workers, courses and booklets on these new schemes, though these people are only in a segment of the child's life compared to the parents.

How does CBT work?

Mindfulness to calm children with depression & anxiety

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