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Colonic Hydrotherapy testimonial

After years of failed yoyo dieting, my good friend decided to take the plunge ( or the hose) and decided to partake in a spot of colonic hydrotherapy. Sounds painful I know but apparently it's a very healthy detoxification and I admired her bravery. After days of searching on the internet, many calls and a hundred quotes she thought it was something she could never afford. She then discovered The Cenacle Treatment Centre in Stockport who charged her a much cheaper rate for the procedure and after a consultation it was all systems go.

I won't go into details but what could have been a very embarassing and degrading experience was an enlightening and almost spiritual one. The procedure was assisted by two highly professional and empathetic women . It cost only £40 and my friend felt like a new person.The Cenacle Treatment Centre also performs a range of other therapies such as Reiki, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy amongst many others. This place is complimentary medicine heaven and if you are considering alternative therapies, maybe you should check this one out.

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