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50 stone man with a possible metabolic disorder forced to remove majority of his stomach

A 50-stone man, who has shed 20 stone, says he hopes he will qualify for follow-up surgery on the NHS. Zac smith travelled to India to receive bariatric surgery here he had the majority of his stomach removed to stop his overeating.
obesity surgery shows they gradually put weight back on over time

Weight-loss surgeon Professor John Baxter said studies of patients who have had obesity surgery show they gradually put weight back on over time, so continuing dietary support is essential. However, Chepstow-based nutritionist and author Zoe Harcombe tells the programme: “We cannot exercise away the junk we are putting into our bodies.” She said she believes current UK government advice on what to eat is over-complicated and “180-degrees wrong”. She calls for the Welsh government to change its advice to something simpler, for instance to eat “real” rather than “processed” food.

It’s not a matter so much of what they consume its how the body behaves

Metabolic disorder is common in many people though mainstream medicine has ignored this unusual behaviour in the body for many years. In 1963-65 Dr ATW Simeons published his findings in the British Lancet.
He observed prisoners who had been starved in concentration camps given standard British Army food (ration packs) and gained weight?

Dr Simeons went on to identify the gland in the brain as the key to the problem. He also went on to find a cure to the problem. He chose to practice his treatment/protocol in a clinic in Rome Italy until his death in 1970. During this period he treated hundreds of wealthy and famous individuals who all insisted confidentiality which prevented Simeons from revealing his research findings.

They were however encapsulated in a piece of written work called “pounds & inches” released after his death.
Dr Simeons was a renowned researcher and till this day this wonderful life changing protocol is not recognised by the mainstream ( in UK & USA) in my opinion due to the fact it will upset a multi billion pound industry.
written by lewis Blackwell
Sourced form bbc news health

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