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Homeopathic support for Drug withdrawal,

The primary approach with withdrawal is to use therapeutic prescriptions targeted to the nervous system to reduce cravings and calm agitation and irritability.
Psychologically there is commonly depression experienced with withdrawal due to the lack of overstimulation of neurotransmitters in the brain connected with the high experienced whilst taking drugs.

Where addictions are concerned, Homeopathy targets the patient as an individual and there are many different aspects to depression for which a constitutional prescription is required with full case taking. This requires a detailed medical history and family health history. The prescription is a lot deeper acting and requires this information in order to support the psychology behind the addiction on an individual basis.

Examples of a Homeopathic addiction cases:

Presenting complaint: Addiction to pain killers and alcohol

The addiction had started after quitting the regular recreational use of a cocktail of class A drugs. The addiction to pain killers had lasted the duration of 10 years. The reason for consulting a homeopath was a fear of repercussions via the G.P. that may affect the patients’ career. Over a period of four months with both therapeutic and constitutional prescriptions the patient had stopped drinking every night, was sleeping a full eight hours and on a bad day the addiction was reduced to 6 painkillers per day. It was noted that there was less of a craving or the time between taking the tablets had become significantly longer. This was significant in reflection that over a ten year period it had been 10 per day. The patient had begun exercising regularly and had greater energy, clarity of thought and focus. The only reason for not continuing with the treatment was due to financial circumstances but there was a noted benefit with homeopathic support, both physically and mentally.

Presenting complaint: Recovering Alcoholic addicted to cigarettes with depression

The patient had begun drinking after the breakdown of an abusive relationship. When she came for homeopathic support, she had been sober for two years and was still attending regular AA support groups. The main focus of the support required was to help to reduce her cravings for cigarettes. The addiction was so bad she would have to wake 2-3 times per night to smoke. If she was unable to smoke she become extremely angry and destructive in her behavior and this was in turn having a negative effect on her immediate family.

Over a period of two months by using therapeutic prescriptions to naturally help calm the nervous system and reduce the craving she was able to stop smoking during the nighttime. By using constitutional prescriptions we were able to begin to address the emotions of despair and shame of becoming an alcoholic and the pressure she felt socially about revealing to people why she was unable to drink. She was also able to begin to address why she had fallen into abusive relationships in the past, which was connected to her childhood and deeper issues surrounding this.

The patient experienced intense itching of the skin on reduction and withdrawal from the cigarettes which was addressed with liver supports and lasted the duration of 3 days after which she felt a lot more energetic and was sleeping much deeper. The patient stopped her treatment after 3 months due to finances given she was unemployed but her overall response to treatment was initially very positive both mentally and physically.

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