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Drinking will not fill the void

The BBC news reported that experts from many liver charities are pushing the NHS and other outlets of media to try and change public opinion on the effects of alcohol.

"Only a glass of wine a day" seemed to be the main answer when asking members of the public, though some responses were a little worrying. This was highlighted when a alcoholic the age of 26 needed a new liver due to his excessive drinking, so the Governments approach to this is to increase the duty on all alcohol.

This measure will only increase the problem, the UK needs to understand why are we drinking and what are we trying to escape from. Most people when asked why do you drink at night, the most common answer is to "unwind" highlighting the point that stress could be the catalyst.

Excess in moderation

If we stick to the new drinking structure outlined by the government surely that will lead to binge drinking on the days you have planned to drink. as much as the Government thinks it can control our intake through tax plans the choice lies with us. With £11 billion spent on anti depressants last year we can say that not only the youth but the UK as a whole has some big issues and  that I believe can only be changed though education and a different approach to healthcare.

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