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More Help for Soldiers with PTSD

Soldiers returning from combat from very volatile situations to suddenly being once again apart of  suburban lifestyle can be a awkward & uncomfortable feeling. Many soldiers that the CTC have worked with said they found it "hard to adjust.. fit in" one ex paratrooper who has not been in service for over 15 years admitted that "he never really left the army". Fortunatly for these service men they have found peace of mind and a way to deal with the the images they see day in day out in their mind.

Emotional Freedom Technique has helped many, but could help more.

EFT is one of the the most powerful techniques to help aid in the moving of emotional disturbance and for soliders suffering PTSD this could be the answer where mainstream medicine has failed them.

Watch Garry Craig helping war veterans from the 1st Iraq war, deal with their PTSD.

To watch the film click link

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