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Should all medical research be published?

The British Medical Journal has printed an editorial attacking the pharmaceutical and science community for the long-existing habit of only selectively publishing the results of clinical trials.

What was noted by the BMJ editor-in-chief Fiona Godlee is that there seems to be information being held back. For example the use of viox an anti inflammatory drug used for arthritis which caused heart failure, only with legal action that this information was released. Also data involving tami flue, its effectiveness why was the government advised to buy so many supplies.

How can this approach to medicine be ethical?

Now that there seems to be more information about certain drugs ( and their side effects) that were on the market, how about releasing information on the ones that are being prescribed to people throught the UK. Drugs such as statins (known but not proven) which are given to patients to lower cholesterol but if taken over a long period of time could cause cardiac muscle damage which in effect will lead to heart failure.

Also the use of prescription pills for depression ( little evidence that they work) known by many users of this drug after being on them for a long period of time, they can cause panic attacks and severe anxiety. Though the UK alone spent £11 billion on anti-depressants between 2010-2011.

written by Lewis Blackwell

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