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Candida Success story

A lady came to see me with what had been diagnosed as idiopathic thrush. She had been suffering with this particular complaint over a period of three years and it had inturn had a huge impact on her sexual activity. When questioned about her intimacy with her partner before the development of her problem. She related that her partner was consistently abusive towards her. Although this abuse was only verbal the patient went onto relate a history of sexual abuse. The patient had been kidnaped and raped twice previously. She had never known a partner that wasnt abusive. This was the source of much anger and shame for her but she was unable to leave her partner due to financial constraints.

This is what was prescribed on and a combination remedy for the daily humiliation and anger was taken. Homeopathy adresses the connection between physical and emotional complaints in chronic ill health. A weekly remedy for her case history was taken to help support her to break the pattern of abuse. In just one months follow up on her progress. The patient related that she had been back to the clinic where she had previously gone for regular check ups. The reason she went, was to check if she still had thrush because she couldnt believe that she no longer had the discomfort and discharge.

Homeopathic solution to a very common problem

After a further two weeks she called me to tell me she couldnt believe that the clinic results had shown her negative for candida for the first time in three years. When she asked them how this could be possible. They said it must be down to an improved immune system not homeopathy! Homeopath remedies match physical and emotional symptoms and acts on the bodies vital force, in chinese medicine-chi, or more commonly known as the immune system. This is one in the same thing, the action is to strengthen this so the body has the ability address the imbalance on its own. The patient continued to come for support, after six months still thrush free, she consquently started a new and happier relationship and found a new flat to move into.

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